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Camille Kimble-Wall
Designer, Consultant & Chief Magic Maker

Short & Sweet Bio:

Hi there! Camille here, aka Chief Magic Maker. As the Brand Strategist & Consultant, I will be working 1:1 with you to narrow in on that pixie dust that you possess, strategically place it within your brand identity, and develop a strategy customized for your business.

My amazing graphic designer husband, Jeff, is my partner in both life and business. We make an amazing team and he works with me to execute the majority of visuals for our clients. He also runs a separate design firm - HOWABOUTNOW Creative Co., so I consider it an absolute honor that he joins forces with me in spreading magic for my strategy clients. We have five (yes, 5) children and we love all things Disney and that includes Star Wars. 

I have had a serious love affair with paper & ink goods, words and visual communications since I was very young. Colors make me happy; sparkle is everything. If it sparkles, it's mine.

I have also had an obsession with my name on everything; if it can be monogrammed or personalized, sign me up. Hence, the reason why I chose "Elli Mac" as my business name - because it is my first name, spelled backwards. :) It is also the name I gave my little Honda. Elli and I have had some good times.

I love to learn, explore and let my curiosity have the best of me. I am a professional student. I have earned five Associate degrees and two that I am extremely proud of - Fashion Merchandising A.S. (San Joaquin Delta College) & Merchandise Marketing A.A. (Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising-FIDM). I also hold a Bachelor's degree in Business Marketing (University of Phoenix) and am pursuing a MBA in Organizational Leadership (Brandman University, c/o 2018). I have no idea what my next step educationally will be, perhaps I will be called Dr. Kimble-Wall one day. 

My favorite part of my job is connecting with people, and seeing them not only realize their potential, but set goals for themselves (and employees) and their businesses and then exceed them!

One thing you should know about me – I put my heart and soul into everything that I do. 

10 Fun Facts:

  1. I love pineapples
  2. I was born in Beverly Hills
  3. Disneyland is my second home (Surprise! LOL)
  4. I love to run because it is fun (rhyming is fun too)
  5. I had five kids before I was 25
  6. I start counting down to Christmas, the day after Christmas
  7. "it's a small world" is my favorite Disneyland attraction
  8. I am allergic to macadamia nuts and gluten 
  9. Churros from Disneyland are my favorite, but I haven't had one since 2009 (see #8)
  10. When I'm not working or doing homework, you can find me on SparksofMagic.com, my lifestyle blog!


Grab a Cup of Coffee or Glass of Wine Bio:

My entrepreneurial journey began when I was a pre-teen, probably around 9 or 10 years old. I loved crafts, and created hand-stamped stationary that I tried to sell door to door in San Fernando Valley. Honestly, I don't ever remember actually selling anything, but I LOVED making all. of. the. things. I still do.

My dad is also an entrepreneur and had a few businesses as I grew up, my favorite was his t-shirt and watch business. Being a creative that loved to tinker, I often would go to the office and sit with the artist and watch him design. I also enjoyed helping taking watches apart and learned to assemble them, change the batteries, take out links, and replace the faces and hands. This skill eventually would land me my first job in retail at 15 1/2 in the late 90s earning more than minimum wage, at $8 an hour at Macy's.

I've always enjoyed working and creating. I've never been one to chase money and money has never been a driving force for me to create. Perhaps this is why the last time I started my business I ended up in a hole because I had a tendency to work for free. I've had a few businesses in adulthood, some were direct-selling– others were my marketable skills of graphic design and marketing. 

I have been a graphic designer since 2001. I formally studied graphic design at San Joaquin Delta College but changed majors to Fashion Merchandising. I was drawn to the history of fashion and branding. I graduated with honors with an Associate of Science in Fashion Merchandising and then completed another Associate Degree at Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising (FIDM). I eventually was hired as adjunct faculty to teach Intro to Fashion at Delta College and worked alongside the Discipline Chair, my former professor, who also became a dear friend and cherished mentor.

I've always designed on the side, and eventually got into marketing and fashion merchandising. Through my education from Delta & FIDM, I fell in love with branding. I found that the profession fit my personality and values in life – to help others succeed and see their potential and translate that in to their brand. Still, I have a deep love for design and naturally they all mesh well together.

So, here I am today embarking on a journey that really is an extension of what I began years ago as a child – from personalized stationary to personal and business branding and coaching.

Want to know more? Let's chat!

Spread magic,